'‘Living on a damaged planet is harder than changing your habits’ 


 Mus - 13yrs

‘the world is changed by your example not your opinion’


LEVI 25yrs

'‘plastic soup doesn't taste good’ 


IGGY - 14yrs

      '‘ALL WE HAVE IS NOW' 


Mickey - 22yrs

'we need to give back to our planet because it can not sustain this way of living’ 


Jairo - 19yrs

'don't shut your eyes on what is happening today' #blacklivesmatter


William - 25 yrs

'It's all about finding each other in solidarity and collectively working towards one goal: CHANGE'


 Tess & Pierre - 21yrs

‘keep distance to protect others, stay close to those you love’


Mirte - 14yrs

 without you I can’t breathe’

Trevor - 17yrs

     ‘Born to create’


 SIMONE - 17yrs

'I want to be able to tell my kids I did everything to give them the best possible future on this planet’


Roos - 16yrs

The only way to cancel climate change is to find its old tweets.’ 


Toon - 22yrs

'Stop being such a dick to your Mom! #motherearth'


 Isabelle - 19yrs

‘the only threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it’.


Tristan - 24yrs

'if you think the economy is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while counting your money’


Jair - 16 yrs

‘I used to be into fast food and fast fashion, now it’s time for fast action’ 


Jort - 19yrs

'ever heard about global warming? it’s a real ice breaker’


 HET PAROOL - 80 yrs



 Timothy - 21yrs

'Don’t blow it - good planets are hard to find.’


Brooklyn-Kaine 20yrs

'still living the slatt life you know'


Nika - 18yrs

'All birds fly by night’


Jelle - 26yrs

'The Coronavirus shows us the way to a radical overhaul of our way of life'


Sanna - 20yrs

'Always remember to leave your house with a reusable bag and a reusable bottle.'


Lois - 17yrs



Tess - 22yrs

if your glasses fogged up, you’d clean them… how is our night sky any different’ 


Mus - 13yrs

‘the world is changed by your example not your opinion’


Faye - 18yrs

'Why the fuck are we studying for a future we won’t even have”


Tamar - 23 yrs

'It doesn’t cost the world to save the planet'


Rebecca - 17yrs

Be the example you want to see in the world’


Suzanne - 16 yrs



Kara - 18 yrs

if we don’t get our shit together there will never be a 4/20/69’

Iris - 20 yrs



Dirkje 17 yrs


Gedeon - 19 yrs

'green is the new black'

Sep - 19yrs

‘Rainy days are not so bad. A fucked up climate is.’


Stella 14 yrs


Karlijn - 15  yrs

'Be kind to the trees they’re busy saving the world'

Zilvie - 17 yrs

  now that I have your attention, stop screwing with our planet'

Manisha - 18 yrs

‘be part of the solution not the pollution'

Lola - 15 yrs

' there is no planet B '   

Jonathan - 16yrs

'we are the ones who have to deal with the problems caused by the previous generations.'

Brooklyn-Kaine 20yrs

'still living the slatt life you know'


Maartje - 17yrs

‘the world is changed by your example not your opinion’

Gus - 25 yrs

' Don't destroy nature, build around it'   

Katja - 14 yrs

 'Don’t fake our future climate change is real'

Kosta - 18 yrs

 ‘CIARA didn't let me skate'

Renee - 28yrs

'Let's make climate change sexy'

Dirkje - 16yrs

' Let's make the earth cool'   

Daan - 14yrs

'stop being f*cking lazy and start using your bike instead of the car'

Lotte - 16yrs

' You gotta learn how to swim before it's too late'   

Bo - 13 yrs

' No more plastic soup, just my grandma's'   

Relle - 18 yrs

'Stop choosing money over OUR future'

Lola - 14 yrs

'nature is like a polaroid, you only get one shot'

Relle - 18 yrs

'Stop choosing money over OUR future'

Lois - 14 yrs

'life in plastic is not fantastic'

Dunja - 15yrs

'The sun shines brighter than your future.'

Jordan - 22yrs

'It is not only killing the animals which affects the climate, it's also the whole proces before'

Charlotte - 15yrs

'We are living on the planet as if we have another one to go to'

Amina - 13yrs

'Lets fry our potatoes, not the earth.'

Cas - 15 yrs

' Save the planet it's the only place with beer '

Dok - 16 yrs

' I don't mind 
driving a Tesla '

Christian - 12yrs

' The earth isn't dying, it's being killed. ANd those who are killing it have names and addresses '

Shevany - 15yrs

'go green to breath clean'

Lucas - 12yrs

' 'it is only one straw,' said 8 billion people '

Yahaira- 22 yrs

' Mother earth is the only mother you shoudn't like to fuck '

Abbey Clare - 24 yrs

Just stop killing! Animals, the planet, each other, it's really not a hard concept!’

Fosta - 12 yrs

' make nature not war '

Jael - 12 yrs

' it's not screentime 
but earthtime '

Willem -32yrs

'Doing nothing isn't an option anymore!'

Elliot - 12 yrs

'Stop Farting'

Lucy - 15 yrs

' The world is getting hotter than young Leonardo di Caprio '


'Eat pussy not animals'